Hear Huntington Beach's Honeypie on 'One Tree Hill' Tonight

To get the obvious out of the way first: Yes, One Tree Hill is still on the air. New episodes. I know, weird, right?

Anyway, local band honeypie--who only have one live show under their belt so far!--will have their song "Never Get Enough" featured on the whacked out teen drama (well, there were teens on it at one point, at least) tonight. The timing works out well for them, as they're having their second show this Saturday at eVocal, along with Yellow Red Sparks, the New Limb and We Are the Pilots.

I wrote rather lovingly about honeypie in our Locals Only feature a couple of months ago, so it's cool to see them get something like this so early in their (thus far quite promising) careers. I even said that "Never Get Enough" delivered "a sweet, pastoral folk, with a tinge of old-school country." Exactly what One Tree Hill needs!

Now, when I think about One Tree Hill, I'll have something else to think about other than this awesome, awesome clip from The Soup.


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