HB Surround Sound perform at the Anaheim House of Blues
HB Surround Sound perform at the Anaheim House of Blues
Priscella Vega

HB Surround Sound Releases Full Length 'Get Your Dance On'

When they first started out, reggae band HB Surround Sound performed strictly within the Huntington Beach area for six years. They put out records and had a dedicated fan base that followed their performances for over half a decade until they stopped performing and got regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. jobs. The rockstar life didn't turn out like they planned.

Four years later, with a lineup change and a new inspiration for creating music, HB Surround Sound regrouped and and began trying out a new, brazen take ska sound. 

Despite the hiatus, the band decided to still use their old moniker as they had garnered a respectable fan base. "We do have a small contingency of people that definitely where there in the early days, coming to our shows," says vocalist Jake Bushnell. "But the beautiful thing is that there's a whole bunch of new fans that we're meeting and we're actually becoming a better band than we ever where and it's really exciting."

On Tuesday, the band releases their first full length "Get Your Dance On," featuring their five songs off their 2011 EP "Back To Reality." Unlike most ska bands that place an emphasis on their horns, HB Suround Sound doesn't use a horn section and instead fuses classic rock and rockabilly to create a unique sound that feels like it'd be heard in the early 50's rock music scene. Notable tracks that embody their new sound are "5 Days In London" and "Breakdown."

Bushnell admits to releaseing previous work without feeling completely confident of the quality. This time around, Bushnell said the band spent some quality time while recording their full length in the studio. "We wanna be a little creepy with our sound," says Bushnell "And this album is way more rock 'n' roll and we're super proud of it. We definitely think it's the best one we've done."

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