Happy Tron Tuesday!

​If you're not sick of all the Tron: Legacy news yet, here's more: On Oct. 28, you can save a spot to watch a 20 minute preview of the much awaited sequel on IMAX 3D by heading over to a special Tron Night website today at 10 a.m.

Disney announced the event as the kicker to the 10-week countdown to Tron: Legacy's Dec. 17 opening. Every week, the Walt Disney Company will have a new gimmick promoting Tron. 

If you grew up with Tron (or even just played the video games a lot), we're sure that 28 years were a long wait. But is that enough to spoil the movie with a snippet? Sure, it's never-before-seen 3D footage. And yes, it will be free. But to see it incomplete in IMAX 3D--well, that's just the nerdy version of blue balls.

Today Disney also announced that diehards can buy tickets to the movie in IMAX at Disney.com/TRON.

By the way, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, scored by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk, will drop Dec. 7. And yes, we are still holding out for a Disney-sponsored Daft Punk extravaganza.

We're willing to be it will be 10 million times better than the next-gen video game "TRON: Evolution" that will also drop on Dec. 7.


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