Happy National Lollipop Day! Five Songs Named 'Lollipop'

Happy National Lollipop Day! Five Songs Named 'Lollipop'

July 20th marks the observance of National Lollipop Day, and what would any holiday be without an aptly assembled play list to aid in the festivities? Here are a handful of tracks that celebrate the sweet side of oral fixation so you can get your suck on righteously.

1. Lil Wayne
Always the romantic, Lil Wayne's auto-tuned ode to tongue-play features well-thought couples like: "I get her on top she drop it like it's hot / And when I'm on the bottom she like Hillary Rodham." "Lewinsky" was too tough to rhyme.

2. Aqua
From the group that brought us Barbie Girl, Aqua's candy-coated '90s techno-pop ditty thumbs the boundaries of our musical tolerance. This squeaky, uptempo torture song is the musical equivalent of getting wired off a bag of pixie sticks--a reminder why Aqua's career was a one-and-done affair.

3. Mika

sounds just like

Freddie Mercury

as usual on this song from his 2007 debut album

Life in Cartoon Motion

. Mika says he wrote this for his younger sister, and listening to the lyrics is sort of a downer message to dole out to his little sis: "Too much candy gonna rot your soul / If she loves you let her go / 'Cause love's gonna get you down." Buzzkill, dude.

4. Framing Hanley
Framing Hanley

's Fallout Boy-style emo anthem cribs its lyrics from the eponymous Lil Wayne song featured above. Yeah. They did that for real.

5. The Chordettes
The grandaddy of lollipop songs, this 1958 classic by the Chordettes is the bubblegum rock archetype. A lot of it remains relevant; the vintage reverb-soaked harmonies are a production value that you hear bands like Best Coast and the Dum Dum Girls copying today. And of course, the finger-in-cheek percussion pop is epic and timeless.   


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