Happy National Cleavage Day! Five Boob Songs For You

Believe it or not, today is one of the most important days in our country. For those not in the know, it's National Boob Day. Throughout the years, there have been songs that have either alluded to, commented on or praised boobs. Here are some of our favorite songs that honor mammory glands.
5. "Tootin on the Hooters," Doctor Dre & Ed Lover: The original hosts of Yo! MTV Raps released this salicious ode to boobs in 1994 off their album Back Up Off Me. With lyrics like "Hooters, I love them hooters/ Can I get a tooter on your hooters," it's safe to say that they're fans of breasts.

4. "Put Em On The Glass," Sir Mix A Lot: Coming from the guy who brought you the classic "Baby Got Back," it should be no surprise that the Seattle rapper came up with a song in praise of another famous female body part. Similarly to his hit, Sir Mix A Lot's fast flow and sexual lyrics have made this song a strip club anthem, and a hit amongst boob aficionados.

3. "My Humps," Black Eyed Peas: Many people may associate this tune with butts, but if you listen carefully to lyrics (a challenging task for any BEP song, I know), but when Fergie refers to her lumps instead her humps, voila, we have a song about boobs.

2. "Titties N Beer," Frank Zappa: Ever the iconoclast, Zappa's ode to the average man's fantasy is one of the most well known songs about boobs. The premise of the tune is a negotiation between the narrator and the devil, with whom the narrator is trying to reacquire his two favorite things.

1. "Rack City," Tyga: Though a new song, the title of this soon-to-be strip club anthem says everything about the song's theme. Thus earning a spot as the number one song about boobs. Happy boob day everyone!

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