Happy First Birthday, Acrobatics Everyday!

Acrobatics Everyday, a student-run organization bringing all sorts of unique shows to the UC Irvine campus and generally making your college experience seem a lot less cool, is celebrating its one-year anniversary in existence this week(-ish).

Their first show was Jan. 16, with Dan Deacon, Ultimate Reality, Narwhalz, Kyle H. Mabson, Lucky Dragons and Abe Vigoda. Since then, they've brought acts to the school like the Mae Shi, Devon Williams, the Shaky Hands, Japanther and a Q&A with Minor Threat/Fugazi's Ian McKaye, to name a very few.

They've got two shows coming up this weekend, and like all Acrobatics Everyday concerts, you don't have to be a student to attend: Crocodiles, Blessure Grave, Protect Me and Sprawl out on Saturday; Whitman, Foot Ox, Bri White, Foot Foot and Kevin Greenspon on Sunday. A little futher in the future brings Calvin Johnson (1/31), Infinite Body and Anni Rossi (2/5), and a benefit show "sometime in February."

Read Ned Raggett's interview with Acrobatics Everyday mastermind Sam Farzin here.


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