Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley and David Bowie

Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley and David Bowie

Jan. 8 is my favorite rock-star birthday. Both The King and the Thin White Duke entered the world this day (Bowie turns 64, Elvis would be 76), and each re-defined what a popular musician could and should be. Plus, they both looked great in shiny jump suits and dyed hair. The two even shared RCA as a record label for a few years in the 1970s. 

Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley and David Bowie

So what is the best way to celebrate these two musical geniuses? Unfortunately, Elvis is no longer with us, and Bowie won't be performing in OC any time soon. We suggest the following: listening to classic tunes by the pair (anything from Elvis' The Sun Sessions or From Elvis in Memphis, or The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars or Diamond Dogs from Bowie would work), curling your lip suggestively, wearing crazy makeup and platform shoes, or making a bunch of fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches.


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