Happy Avi Buffalo Day! Part 2: Avi Buffalo's Record Release Show at Fingerprints Records
Andrew Youssef

Happy Avi Buffalo Day! Part 2: Avi Buffalo's Record Release Show at Fingerprints Records

The Hype: Avi Buffalo was Long Beach's best kept secret for a short time until record labels came knocking. Signed to indie stalwart Sub Pop records, Avi Buffalo celebrated the release of their debut self-titled album with a packed performance at their neighborhood record store, Fingerprints Records. It seems that the word is finally getting out about Avi Buffalo.

The Show: It was a homecoming  for Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg and his bandmates as they waved to friends while setting up their equipment. Avi Buffalo just finished a tour with Japandroids and are gearing up for a brief tour of Europe, including a coveted slot at All Tomorrow's Parties music festival.

The stage at Fingerprints Records could barely hold the band and all their gear as Zahner-Isenberg plucked out the watery notes of "Coaxed" on his Fender Stratocaster. Accompanied by a saxophone player, the song soon crossed over into the psychedelic with a swirly ending. Touching upon elements of Modest Mouse and the Shins but still uniquely carving out their own sound, the oblique guitar harmonics float in and out of your conscience during "Truth Sets In".

The lovelorn lyrics of "Jessica" mesh perfectly with the floating keyboards by Rebecca Coleman and shuffling beats of Sheridan Riley. A descending staircase guitar riff of "Five Little Sluts" gave way to Zahner-Isenberg's aching vocals with the song unraveling at the seams but still managing to retain its structure. "What's It In For" maybe the most straightforward song on their album but still retains the distinct Avi Buffalo musical slant.

Arin Fazio tried his best to give a shout out to Fingerprints Records, but accidently said "Amoeba" which received lighthearted boos from the fiercely loyal Fingerprints crowd. Coleman jokingly asked the crowd if anyone remembered the last time they played "Remember The Last Time" as it has been their set closer for a few years. The band stuck around to conduct their first autograph signing for the fans. In case you missed the show, Avi Buffalo will be stopping by the Troubadour this Saturday.

The Crowd: While it was evident most of the band's family and friends made it to the show, the line to get into the store still wrapped around the building. 

Overheard: "Owen Pallett is playing here on May 3rd?" was enthusiastically exclaimed by Zahner-Isenberg after being announced as the next in-store for Fingerprints Records.


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