Hang With Peter Murphy for $4000; Otherwise, a Santa Ana Date!

The former Bauhaus lead singer is coming around on tour again in support of last year's excellent solo album Ninth; Peter Murphy will be appearing at the Observatory on March 16 for a one-off. It'll be his third OC appearance in a little over a year's time and the latest in a string of local dates both with Bauhaus and on his own over the years so he definitely knows where some of his long time fans are these days.

But we know OC well enough to know that a lot of you will be over in Vegas anyway on any given weekend so if you're planning on being there the first weekend of March -- and you're either sitting around on vast piles of cash wondering who the 99 percent are or are willing to blow out your credit card -- then we're guessing those of you who grew up goth and still dig out the approrpriate CDs, clothes or eyeliner might be interested in what Murphy's calling The Miracula Sessions. And did we mention that was an opening bid of around $4000 minimum?
To quote from the site running it all:

An experience like no other, in a location known for its decadent splendor, fewer than 50 fortuitous guests will join Peter Murphy in Las Vegas for an intimate, all inclusive weekend that will afford fans unparalleled access to Peter himself.
You will join the other winning bidders in Las Vegas on Friday, March 2, 2012, and will be chauffeured in style in a resplendent Rock Star tour bus to and from all venues for the weekend. You will also enjoy the accommodations of a luxury Four Diamond hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. On Friday evening, you are invited to a private welcome party hosted by Peter Murphy. Free flowing libations, luscious treats, and the opportunity to spend some time with Peter will make this an exceptional evening... and it's just the beginning of a weekend you will never forget.
Saturday night's festivities will be held in a secluded and elegant Las Vegas mansion. The highlight of the weekend: a private 2-act performance that Peter has specially planned for the evening, with a set list that he has chosen especially for the lucky few in attendance. During the evening, Peter will take questions from his guests... and no one knows where the conversation may lead. The night will be an extraordinary experience for all your senses. After the show, Peter will host his guests at a sumptuous dinner prepared by a world-class chef.
On Sunday, everyone will join Peter for a farewell lunch at a world-famous Las Vegas Moroccan restaurant.
Every guest in attendance will also receive unique, a one of a kind, limited edition gifts personally chosen by Peter Murphy.

We have to admit, this pretty well beats out those VIP things where you get to have an open bar of cheap beer and whiskey for the same show everyone else is seeing.  But like we said, the bidding starts at just under $4000 mininum.  So go out there and kill a few vampires and sell the remains or whatever's needed. 


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