Gustavo Dudamel Appearing on Sesame Street
LA Weekly

Gustavo Dudamel Appearing on Sesame Street

LA Philharmonic's dashing music director Gustavo Dudamel is guesting on PBS' Sesame Street on Monday, Feb. 6 for the first time ever. Dudamel and Elmo are going to play together by "conducting a sheep playing a violin, an octopus playing the drums and a chorus of penguins singing opera." That's going to be a pretty amazing (especially if, like me, you have Sesame Street on your DVR) coming on the heels of the LA Philharmonic at the Shrine Auditorium performing Mahler 8 on Saturday, Feb. 4. As our sister paper LA Weekly said,

Pretty ballsy of young conductor Gustavo Dudamel to program 10 Mahler Symphonies in three weeks. Orchestra mavens worldwide will watch to see if he can pull it off. (We predict some snags; Dudamel's too new at the L.A. Phil, and there ain't enough rehearsal time to do Mahler justice). The must-see concert is Mahler's Eighth: with climax after climax after climax, it's the closest most guys ever get to having multiple orgasms. Featuring eight vocal soloists, 14 choirs, and two orchestras, it's so damned expensive to produce that Angelenos might not hear it again for decades.

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