Guitar Wolf


Guitar Wolf
Narnack Records

The fact that they're Japanese shouldn't matter. But--let's be honest—it does. It adds an interesting twist to their punk rock 'n' roll band, and they can't deny that it's contributed heavily to their cult reputation. It could be argued that no other country has more fully embraced American pop culture than Japan, and it's hardly shocking to find a few Japanese punk rock misfits embracing a dirty mix of greasy rockabilly licks and gnarly CBGBs punk. And they've adapted quite well to the American rock 'n' roll lifestyle in all its grit and glory. Guitar Wolf – comprised of Guitarwolf Seiji, Basswolf Billy and Drumwolf Toru of course--offer a sloppy and superb concoction of rock, from Eddie Cochran to Johnny Thunders to the Dead Boys to the Misfits to Motorhead. Whether Guitar Wolf is tearing his vocal chords apart in Japanese or English doesn't matter—all you can hear is the occasional "Fuck you!" The garage-y "Midnite Blood Pump" features echo-drenched growls, a snappy beat and classic speedy punk riffs while "Jet 13 " nods at The Ramones with a count-off, just-like-Johnny riffage and 4/4 drumming. The menacing "Blood Splashed Sky" spits out gritty, coming-to-get-you guitar work and sneering vocals while "SF Tokyo" rides on Thunders-style run-together guitar and a heavy, thunderous rhythm section. Guitar Wolf may be the hardest rocking punk rockers from Japan but let's be honest about this part, too—there's a lot more where that came from!


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