Guest Blogger: Sameer Gadhia of the Jakes Shares Thoughts on First Night of eVocal Residency
Keith May

Guest Blogger: Sameer Gadhia of the Jakes Shares Thoughts on First Night of eVocal Residency

Each Tuesday in May, Newport Beach's the Jakes will be playing--along with a rotating cast of bands from OC and beyond--at eVocal. And also each week this month, Sameer Gadhia, lead singer of the Jakes (pictured) will be sharing his thoughts on the shows. Here's the first installment:


Welcome to the first of four blog spots that have been gifted to me by the local music enthusiasts at the OC Weekly who have helped generate buzz about our May KROQ "Locals Only" residency at eVocal in Costa Mesa.

This Tuesday was the first of four that kicked off our month of free weekly shows. Although we, the Jakes, are headlining this series, its success is largely credited to the local music and art scenes that will give our clay beauty and contour each week with unequaled originality. Tuesday night, we were accompanied by Django James & The Midnight Squires, Melanoid, Saint Motel, DJ Dean, the screen printers who pumped out KROQ special edition T-shirts and new Jakes t-shirts live at the atrium, the Clearlight video crew, and our featured weekly artist, Warren at eVocal.

Special thanks are reserved for Brett and the rest of the eVocal community, who have sculpted sensation into dimension and consciousness. On behalf of the rest of The Jakes, I am here to serve as the humbled provost, the reluctant liaison, the genuflected Willy Wonka as it will, of the local music scene that currently blooms in every all-ages venue, bar, club, theme park, and garage across the street from you. Joking aside, all you have to do is step outside and lose yourself to the sights and sounds.

The first thing you should know about local music is that it is diverse. From heavy metal-acid jazz three pieces to 80s inspired glam-rock, the local chops span the universe of musical creation.

The second thing you should know about local music is that it is united. Be it budding leaflet or sturdy branch, it all leads to the same trunk; the pursuit of the creative spirit. For us, six kids from Irvine, this pursuit was most concretely realized when we played the annual SXSW in Austin, Texas this last March. After undertaking a 28 hour half-the-country van trek in two days, we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of Austin, Texas. Upon delirious arrival, Austin seemed a foreign and altogether overwhelming city filled to the brim with commotion. It did not take us long, however, to lose ourselves in the SXSW pacemaker that we would soon learn to cherish and embrace. The entire entertainment universe had congregated in one city, electrifying the art and music scene boroughs scattered across downtown. It was as if every live performance act from California to Osaka had uprooted and pledged allegiance to Austin if only for a few nights. The effect on the six of us was life-changing, for we finally felt a part of it all; a part of the same intangible sensation that burned at the fingers of Paul McCartney, the lips of every nameless street performer, and the hearts of every listener. It was this silent pact; this acknowledgement of the universal pursuit of creation that had allowed Austin to transcend the sum of its individual musical parts into something greater than life; something historic.

It was this sensation of diversity and unity that has inspired this eVocal series. Every Tuesday night, we will attempt to achieve an excellence that is greater than any single person, a sense of togetherness that bonds performer and listener, and a display of diversity and originality that accurately depicts our thriving local scene with new artists and bands each week.

Thanks to our friends at KROQ, the event is absolutely free, leaving you some change to support the different local acts that will be gracing the stage every night and a swing in your step that will keep you up on the dance floor with DJ Dean all night. Sometime this week, our KROQ series t-shirt will be available free online as well. Keep posted for my blogs each week, and tune in this Sunday night to listen to our interview and live in studio acoustic performance on the World Famous KROQ 106.7. It's all natural; all you have to do is step out the door and lose yourself...


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