Joey Winter (right) of the Steelwells
Joey Winter (right) of the Steelwells

Guest Blogger: Joey Winter of the Steelwells on Second Night of Silverlake Lounge Residency in LA

Sitting outside EL 7 Mares eating my fish taco and Mexican Coke before we headed up to the Silverlake Lounge for soundcheck all I could think about was wether or not the hot sauce would catch up with me on stage. As much as I love spicy food my belly and I have often disagreed on what is an acceptable level of heat. For once, I considered how I would feel on stage and took it easy. Robbie (our bass player) and I have often shared this meal together while quietly deciding whether or not we should throw caution to the wind and get one more taco--sometimes the taco wins.

This past Monday night was a lovefest with the Romany Rye, Yellow Red Sparks, the Rambles, an dus the Steelwells. Truly a great group of bands. It was all hugs and mutual appreciation of each others' music for the whole evening.

It was a treat to have Eric (guitar for The Rambles) join us on stage for our closing song. He has been a great friend and fan. Romany Rye was the nicest group of guys I have met in a while and they have a great attitude about music and songwriting. And of course, as always, Yellow Red Sparks were ear candy for all of us. In the music world it can be frustrating to deal with other musicians who tend to be self absorbed and arrogant at times. A lot of bands think they are the next great sound and act like it. Not on Monday. Everyone was just sincere and did a great job of showing why they have all been getting such a positive response.

People love to debate over why this band is better than that band and why the music they listen to is superior to all others. I get so sick of opinions, which is an opinion. The problem is we all connect to things due to a million little variables. And the reason we like one thing over another is because of our own individual history, DNA, and emotions that ebb and flow with consistent change. The fact is art of any kind is only as great as the response to it's voice. Which brings me to the point of this tangent: I sincerely appreciate the music my fellow musicians make and I hope people can be open enough to hear what is amazing in what they do. Some say good is good. They should ask themselves what they are doing to contribute.

This coming Monday, Jan. 18, we are playing with Aushua, Wake up Lucid, and the Monthlies. Once again, a night full of great music and people. Come out, say hi and stick around. And thank you to everyone who has come out already and continue to do so every week. We couldn't be more humbled by your support.

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