Grouplove at the Observatory, April 17, 2012
Gabriel Ryan

Grouplove at the Observatory, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

I think I shed at least ten pounds last night at The Observatory for the sold out Grouplove show. The place was pretty much packed from the moment that the doors opened and body heat radiated everywhere you turned. I would have thought that this would have upset the attendees, however, it was quite the opposite because they could care less what the temperature was- they just wanted some Grouplove. I couldn't blame them; I was just as hot, and just as excited. I'm sure this was just a prelude to what it's going to feel like when I see them again this weekend in the hot desert for Coachella and if so, bring it on!

I'm glad I got there early enough to catch openers, Company of Thieves, who owned the crowd during their set. Lead singer Genevieve (last name unknown) bounced around the stage like a wind-up toy while belting out the band's songs. Though they were the unknowns of the night for most, the audience gave them the applause and attention that they truly deserved. Their set wasn't long enough, but they definitely left a positive impression with the young fans in the audience.

The crowd was already beginning to violate whatever was left of each other's personal space way before the lights dimmed for the main performance. By the time it was dark, it was full on chaos. As the band took stage and began the song "Lovely Cup," the audience was jumping and screaming (and sweating) like a bunch of caged animals. They weren't obnoxious- they were excited. Passionate even, as they sang in unison to their favorite songs, each song louder than the last and I knew this was the beginning of a great show.

Grouplove at the Observatory, April 17, 2012
Gabriel Ryan

Grouplove flew through 12 songs ending with an encore that included the radio favorite "Tongue Tied" where members of Young the Giant joined them onstage for a little co-serenading. This caused a flurry of flashes from point and shoot cameras and phones trying to capture the moment. As the final song "Colours" was announced, the crowd used whatever little energy they had left and sent the band off with full smiles. I'm sure even they couldn't predict that the show was going to be this interactive and that the fans were going to know virtually everything they performed. If you had a favorite song you wanted to hear last night, I'm pretty sure they played it. The enthusiasm and energy of both the band and crowd probably made this the best show I've seen at The Observatory yet.

Personal Bias: I probably have a Grouplove song on every playlist or mix I have.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Omg, I cannot wait for this show. It's going to be the most epic night ever!" That sentence alone should show how young the audience skewed.

Random Notebook Dump: As Young the Giant danced in the photo pit, the crowd had no idea who they were until the band announced their presence up front.


Lovely Cup
Itchin' On A Photograph
Naked Kids
Love Will Save Your Soul
Gold Coast
Close Your Eyes
Don't Say Oh Well
Tongue Tied


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