'Green Lantern' Writer Geoff Johns Signing Today at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim

LA-based comic book writer Geoff Johns has been pretty much one of the biggest names in comic books these past few years, making himself a hero to DC Comics fanatics through beloved stints on The Flash, Action Comics, Teen Titans, JSA, Green Lantern and a bunch of other titles the company publishes that would be completely meaningless to most people who read this blog (he hasn't done much Batman, though. Hopefully one day!). He also has a really entertaining Twitter account, where he details his late-night trips to 7-11 for Slurpees.

His latest big project is Blackest Night, which his work on Green Lantern has been building-up to for the last five years or so. To paint it with a really broad stroke, it's basically zombies with Green Lantern rings, and some of the zombies are like, Aquaman. Zombie Aquaman with a power ring. Love it!

Issue #1 of BN is out today, and to celebrate, Johns will be signing copies of the comic (and, one presumes, anything else within reason you bring him to sign--he's a pretty easy-going dude) at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. today (hurry!). It's a pretty nifty store, even if there was vomit in the shopping center parking lot last time I was there. More information is here. (Information on the signing. Not on the vomit.)


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