Green Day on tour...not coming to OC

Green Day's going on tour to promote 21st Century Breakdown, the follow-up to the mega-successful American Idiot. For better or worse, the Bay Area trio (plus the seventeen sidemen they employ) aren't hitting Orange County. The closest the are getting is an August 20 date at the Cox Arena in San Diego and August 25 at the Forum in Inglewood.

The last time I saw Green Day was the aformentioned AI tour, which hit the Long Beach Arena. Things didn't start well. I interviewed drummer Tre Cool and he nearly hung up on me when I asked why so many parts of American Idiot was ripped off from other bands. He became very upset, even though Helen Keller could have pointed out the uber-obvious "Ring of Fire" lift in "Jesus of Suburbia." There were a few others I wanted to ask him about, but he warned me not to proceed in that direction.

Anyway, I let that slide and decided to see them. In all my years of show going, Green Day at the LB Arena was the first (and to date only) show I walked out on. For starters, the crowd consisted of two types: 12 year olds and their 40-something parents. Forty-five minutes into the set, the band was on its fourth song. Each tune had an arena-rock breakdown that was completely unnecessary, but when coupled with the "Green Day" lights that went off with the pyro, it kinda made sense. When they bursted into "Shout," I knew it was time to go.

The bummer is, I'm not ashamed to admit to liking Green Day. When they're on (American Idiot, Warning, Dookie, Kerplunk), they're great. And when they're only sorta on (Insomniac, Nimrod), they still ain't half bad.

But man, their live show sure did suck. 


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