Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own

Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own
MaryAngelinaArt on etsy

Green Day's Dookie turned 20 years old last month. If that sentence sounds odd, it was intentional. Speaking about the name, Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone:

"Obviously, it was a stoner thing. It really was. We were smoking a lot of weed. 'Hey, man, wouldn't it be funny if...'

But I was thinking about that Sonic Youth record, Goo. When we gave the title to [cover artist] Richie Bucher, he was like, 'OK'. We get it back, and it's dogs exploding shit all over Berkeley. [Laughs] I don't know, man. It was one of those impulsive moments. And we were like, 'Fuck it'."

Dookie went on to produce five hit singles for the band: "Longview," "When I Come Around," "Basket Case," "Welcome to Paradise," and "She." The album also won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in 1995. Dookie is unarguably, the band's best-selling album, with more than 20 million copies sold worldwide. Not bad for an album named after a slang word for 'shit', written by a couple of punk stoners.

To celebrate Dookie's 20th year milestone, we've collected some of the best Green Day fan art on etsy.

My what green eyes you have, Billie Joe. This portrait by MaryAngelinaArtis (above) is painted on a vinyl record.

Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own
codascrafts on etsy

Keep the '90s alive with these Dookie guitar pick earrings by codascrafts.

Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own
LowLevel on etsy

Even Billie Joe is surprised "Basket Case" is still heavily gracing the airwaves... Three-layer stencil art by artist LowLevel on etsy.  

Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own
howellwhore on etsy

The three amigos of alternative punk rock. Print of an original watercolor by howellwhore.

Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own
GuitarPickArt on etsy

GuitarPickArt on etsy says: "Don't be an American idiot, buy this awesome Green Day art piece, made entirely with black, white, and red Ernie Ball guitar picks".

Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own
NonUglyFaces on etsy

If you like Green Day and zombies, you will love this original stencil art painting by NonUglyFaces.

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