Gram Rabbit at Detroit Bar Tonight

Cruising down to Costa Mesa tonight are Joshua Tree's Gram Rabbit, a slinky electro-pop duo (Jesika Von Rabbit and Todd Rutherford) whose songs are all gleaming surfaces and curvy contours. Jesika imbues the quasi-funky backdrops with seductively creamy vocals and glam-diva hauteur. Attention, Devo fans: “Hot Spit” off Gram Rabbit's new album, Radio Angel & the Robot Beat, is a clever, wide-screen homage to that band's iconic 1980 hit “Whip It.”

You can catch a glimpse of the Gram Rabbit live experience in the video [see below] for “In My Book,” filmed during the band’s September residency at Spaceland.

Also on this strong bill are Pity Party, Repeater, and DJs Velvet Touch and Clamor.

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