Gorillaz Add New Member to the Band

Gorillaz Add New Member to the Band
​Welcome to the world of technology. It's pretty cool that musician Damon Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett created Gorillaz, their virtual cartoon band consisting of lead vocalist/keyboardist 2D, bassist/guitarist Murdoc Niccals, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Noodle and drummer/percussionist Russel Hobbs. But what's missing from the band? 

Another member.

​In November, the group held an online contest and invited fans to draw and design a new member of the band named the Evangelist. According to the Gorillaz's website, the Evangelist is an avenger to the evil Boogieman featured in several of their music videos. After submissions of 500 drawings of the character, Albarn and Hewlett chose the design by member jirouta, and it was re-drawn by Hewlett and posted on their website. We are unsure which instrument the new member will play, but we can say that he/she has some super-cute underwear and a crazy fishbowl for a head.

The original drawing:

Gorillaz Add New Member to the Band

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