HB's Revelation Records is putting out its 150th release, and to celebrate, they're also issuing Adidas shoes styled after the label's aesthetic.

The new disc is a comp with newer acts such as Death by Stereo, Ignite, Set Your Goals and This is Hell covering classic youth crew groups such as Bold, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits. Unfortunately, the Gayrilla Biscuits were not available and have been left off the track listing.

This sounds promising, but where's the hoodie? And what about an oversized foam finger so we can scream "Gooooo!" when the jerk in front of us hasn't noticed the light changed from red to green?

In all honesty, congrats Reveleation. 150 releases is something to be proud off. And on a personal note, if it wasn't for YOT, Bold and GB, I might have been doing all sorts of stupid things in high school. You know, shit like getting laid and drunk off my ass.


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