Goodbye Basement...Hello Tango

The Long Beach club formerly known as the Basement Lounge is gone. The venue began as some sort of hipster lounge for singer/songwriters and djs. Somewhere along the way it became a place for orgies. Or something like that.

My favorite part of the Basement had nothing to do with the Basement itself. You see, the club literally is the basement of the Broadlind Hotel. My friend lives on the second floor and every Friday and Saturday, we'd drink beers in his closet-sized apartment and be treated to our own danceclub thanks to the noise and booming bass roaring from downstairs.

Soon after they opened, the Basement tried to get all posh 'n shit. Once I saw the club setting up a velvet rope outside, I knew the club wasn't long for this world.

After months of nothing, the location is having a grand opening this weekend, albeit under a different name.

The newly christened Tango is hosting live mariachi and dj sets by Jack Freedom and George Vibe, two people I've never heard of. The flyer says "this venue is for a mature and well dressed audience," which means I can't get in. I love poop jokes and have holes in the shoes (thanks recession!). But once things pick up, I'll give it a shot. Maybe.

There are free giveaways all night and everyone gets in free before 10:30. If they're giving away shoes, there's a shot I'll go.


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