Funny is funny whether you have a penis or a vagina.
Funny is funny whether you have a penis or a vagina.

Good (Hung-Over) Times With Jessimae Peluso

Jessimae Peluso is one of the gorgeous, funny ladies of MTV's Girl Code. She and fellow cast mate Carly Aquilino will be hitting up the Irvine Improv this weekend (June 5th through 8th) to lay down the law while supplying some uproarious laughter to our hood. And while we might have caught her on an off day (and to be fair, we were having a shitty day too), she still totally didn't disappoint with the hilarity.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): OK I don't want to lie to you and apologies for being so unprofessional but, I'm soooo hung-over today.

Jessimae Peluso: Oh my god, me too. I worked last night but I'm still hung-over from two nights ago. I drank almost a whole bottle of tequila.

I somehow knew you'd understand but holy shit. That's a tequila bender!

Tequila is like 5-hour Energy for me. I've grown to really love it. I'm like a tequila connoisseur now.

Jesus H. No words. Let's start mild then and get into your love for John Stamos. What's up with that?

What's up with you not loving him? That is what I fucking want to know right now!

Hey, I'm down with Stamos! I just didn't want to step on your territory!

[Laughs.] I just have always loved him! I'm a sentimental person, I'm nostalgic, and I'm loyal so I've loved him since Full House. I want to put Fage yogurt all over him. You gotta have the real Greek yogurt for that and that is Fage. That's the real deal. I'm also on the Leonardo DiCaprio train right now. I know that everyone's been on it and I'm just getting on it now but it's OK. I'd let him get into my pantalones.

Ehhh Leo is alright but he's no Jesse and the Rippers....

No! But I want Leonardo DiCaprio to Jesse and the Rippers my pants off. [Laughs.]

Maybe you'll get the chance for that to go down because I saw you say on Twitter that you're moving to LA.

Yes I am! Actually all of my stuff is in transit right now. Yeah, I'm making the move because I've got a couple of big projects that I'll be working on and I'm very excited about it. I can't really be specific about the projects but, it's good and I think it'll be a life changing move. The show [Girl Code] changed my life and I like to take risks and challenge myself so that is what's going on in LA. La La Land. Yawnnnn...sorry I'm so tired. Matter of fact, you'd get drunk off my yawn right about now.

Wow. Sorry I'm boring you!

[Laughs.] Not at all! You and I are hot messes right now! It's like we're girlfriends on the phone like, "Yeah so, I wanna bang Leonardo DiCaprio."

Haha I have news for you, this is how I do every interview except I'm generally not still drunk from last night. You pegged it right though, I'm a hot mess right now.

[Laughs.] It's like, who works in the morning? You poor thing, it's so early for you and I'm just being a baby!

Yeah wait until you're on west coast time and then talk to me! Yuck. OK so I'm a big fan of Girl Code and I've learned a lot from it. What's the biggest lesson that you've learned?

I mean, hmmm...good question. I don't know if it's a lesson but probably just to be a good person to your good girlfriends. Friends really are the one group of people that will have your back when you go through hard times. Also, they hold a lot of your secrets so if you treat them wrong, you could get really thrown off course through social media.

Those are some words to live by! What do you think about people who say that women aren't funny?

I never paid attention to that whole campaign that was going on because to me, funny is funny. I don't know why gender has to be brought into it. It's such a weird thing for me to understand. It's like, why are we separating something that is universal by gender? So women can't be politicians? Can women be smart? Women can be everything men can be because we're the same besides a few different body parts. We're all human beings so I never really understood that whole thing. I think it really came about because in the comedy industry, there are a few less women doing it. If anything, if you are a woman doing it, you have a shot to stand out more because there are fewer doing it. I think that whole thing is just bullshit. Funny is funny whether you have a penis or a vagina. And penises and vaginas can be funny too.

I think this is the part where I say, "You go girl!" So I know Carly is coming with you to Irvine and I think all of the boys will come to the yard to see your milkshakes.

I hope so but I feel like Kelis would laugh at me because my yard is filled with grass and weird lawn furniture.

That's perfect for Irvine.

I've never been there before but I'm excited. Carly and I are co-headlining together and we of course do separate sets and are two very different comedians. I'm very physical and she's drier and more sarcastic so there will definitely be a little bit for everybody. We are nutty but relatable girls but it's not just for the girls because guys will enjoy it too. It's a lot of fun. We're both nutcases.

Catch Jessimae Peluso along with Carly Anquilino at the Irvine Improv June 5th through 8th, 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to For more info check out and follow her on Twitter @JessimaePeluso.

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