Going to The Mars Volta tonight? I hate you

Going to The Mars Volta tonight? I hate you

Okay, maybe that headline was a little strong. I don't "hate" you, "envy" is a better word. Those waiting with baited breath for the next time this ravenous band of fluffy-haired art rockers would travel anywhere near OC had to swallow a bitter pill when The Mars Volta's first tour dates in support of their new album Octahedron were announced. WTF? Venutra? Why?

And while most die hard fans wouldn't mind a little trek down the 101 North (ok, a long trek) they HAD to have it at the Majestic Theater. Nice theater, great theater, small-as-fuck theater. Then of course, after that it's off to London, Zurich, Paris, everywhere but here. The bright side, as dark as it seems for those who aren't going tonight, is the fact that the new album, Octahedron, is upon us in the next couple of weeks, June 23 to be exact (the physical copy anyway).

So maybe by the time Omar, Cedric, Ikey, Juan, Thomas, Marcel, Adrian and Pablo (am I missing anybody?) decide to trot their asses to L.A. or OC again, you will have every lyric, beat and aural outburst encoded in your memory. Better get started on that, eh? Those of you that are going tonight, feel free to gloat here. The rest of you can maybe take solace in hearing some of the new tunes here.

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