Git Down, Git Down!


So where has this been hiding out? A secret hovel somewhere in the bowels of Anaheim, apparently, and we're only too happy to help spread their gospel. But first, you're gonna think the Willowz are merely hopping on the Strokes/White Stripes bandwagon, with their scruffy garage guitars and '60s pop hooks and snarky spittle-spewing (check out their manifesto, "Call to Action," as singer Richie Eaton barks, "Willowz city, baby, baby, git down, git down!" like he's fueled by crank). But hey, what about all the bands the Strokes and Stripes have knicked from, huh? Loads of 'em, baby, and who knows—maybe even the Willowz themselves (we prefer to think of the Willowz as one of a jillion OC bedroom bands who've been playing into crappy Radio Shack tape recorders forever and only last year decided they were good enough to start playing shows)? They're a trio who know how to sculpt the perfect two-minute rock tune: make the guitars sound really, really rude; have the girl bassist sweeten it up with a few vocal outbursts; let the drummer go apeshit, but not too apeshit; and top it all off with obtuse lines so no one will know what the fuck you're singing about, thus building the mystery (on track three, is Eaton hollering "meet your demise" or "mission to Mars" when he screams "MEESHADAMAAAZZ!"?). Also love their cheeky boasting ("The Willowz are going to destroy what's left of rock & roll!"—um, wouldn't that be self-defeating?), but what's this about their upcoming single on Posh Boy, the label all the old punkers love to hate? We'll see if it happens.

Contact: (714) 726-7731;;

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