There's a billion of Gillionaire!
There's a billion of Gillionaire!

Gillionaire (and I) Give You a Valentine's Day Gift

There's literally no better way to wake up than to an email from rapper Gillionaire telling you he's got a new song/video. I should know because that's exactly what happened to me his morning.

You see, since I've been writing about Gillionaire, I'd like to think we've grown close. Don't get me wrong -- he doesn't call me when his fish dies nor do I text him to tell him how my mom is dealing with chemotherapy, but still. In my mind, we're friends.

And what do friends do for one another? Two things. First, they tell each other when they post new videos on Youtube. Second, they give each other Valentine's Day love and I'm assuming Gillionaire's email to me this morning was no fluke. He's showing love (in that hip-hop way, yaknowwhatimsayin?) and because I consider every person who reads this blog a friend (sorry I haven't called you on your birthday), I'm now passing along the information so you can have an awesome Valentine's Day.

Even better, forwarding this video to a loved one is way cheaper than flowers and chocolate. See? We all win with Gillionaire.

Thanks to Gillionaire's music, I'm now pretty swag, which means I'll probably have something like six or seven dates today. Me and my super fly clothes, my on-point hair and my verbal assassin skills are sure to make at least one young female pass out from sensory overload, and while I'm looking forward to this happening, I'm pretty sure this new song/video has already cemented itself as the best part of my day.


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