Gift Suggestion No. 1: Sirius Radio

Gift Suggestion No. 1: Sirius Radio

The holidays are a great time to score some deals. Yeah, you could pass along those deals to friends and family or you could do what I do and keep them for yourself. For example, today only (or so they say), Sirius Satellite Radio is offering its Starmate 5 radio (in my best TV commercial voice) for the low, low price of $129.99. That's over 80 percent off the original retail price. (When I say that in my head using that commercial voice, I realize I might have a future hawking products).
The Starmate 5 can be played in cars and in docking stations in homes, which means you can listen almost anywhere you go.

I don't work for Sirius, so no one is paying me to write this. But I've been a Sirius subscriber since January 2006 (aka the month Howard Stern begin broadcasting) and I've got nothing but great things to say about the channels. For music lovers, satellite is the way to go. No commercials, uncensored music and a plethora of diverse programming.

What's really cool is the way some genres are nitpicked so listeners get what they really want. For example, there are seven country stations, which means if you're diggin' honky tonk on Willie's Place (named after Willie Nelson), you ain't got to worry about none of that Tim McGraw shit ruining your eardrums. Trust me, it's pretty nice.

PS My radio would never have Rob Thomas on it.


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