Getting Socked

What better way to celebrate Westminster's 50th anniversary than a sock hop? Ah, the traditions of yesteryear, a more innocent time, when dancing in your socks at a club wouldn't get you beat up. Westminster is nostalgically bringing back the 1950s and letting the good times roll at the Rose Performing Arts Center, which will be transformed into a dance hall. Those who came of age during the '50s can relive those golden memories while they've still got them. Those who have found themselves obsessively wondering what a sock hop is all about can finally find out. There will be a showcase of classic '50s cars, games such as Name That Tune, live music performed by the Groove, and a dance contest in which you can show off your best (or worst) gyrations. And if you're into showing off your flair for '50s style, there is also a Best Dressed contest that's just calling your name—if your name's Ace, Buzz, or Betty, that is.

If you're looking forward to non-participatory events with a slightly lower personal-embarassment potential, Tim Nelson, managing director of the Rose Center Theater, and members of his theater troupe will be performing a few numbers from Grease. There will also be hot dogs, hamburgers and the chance to build your own ice cream sundaes. Nothing is more American than that! Well, except maybe for lighting off bottle rockets in your front yard in your underwear. So, come "hop" on over to the Sock Hop! Get it—"hop" on over? Well, I thought it was funny. In the '50s, a pun like that would have been considered very edgy humor.

Westminster's 50th Anniversary Sock Hop at the Rose Performing Arts Center, 14140 All American Way, Westminster, (714) 895-2860. Sat., 6-10 p.m. $15; couples, $25; seniors/children under 12, $10; table for eight, $100. All ages.

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