Gettin' Made: Cut It Out

I got a message via Facebook over Christmas asking for crafty advice, and I thought I'd share my thoughts! Anne Kuo Lukito of Crafty Diversions writes:

"I'm looking for a good paper cutter, but I can't afford a $300 commercial one. I've tried one of the fancier Fiskars rotary ones and am not impressed by the combo of the quality and its price. Do you have any recommendations?"

Gettin' Made: Cut It Out
A very-nice-lookin' Fiskars rotary cutter. Image from the Craft Critque website

After the jump, let's cut (paper) to the chase.

The good news is I have a fairly inexpensive recommendation for a paper cutter!

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The bad news? I have almost no other paper-cutter expertise to offer. Instead, I'll give you a couple of links to get you started in your quest to find the perfect cutter for you.

The paper cutter I've got is the Carl brand 12-inch Personal Rotary Trimmer. I'm pretty sure I bought mine at Michael's a couple of years ago, though I can't find it on its website now. You can pick one up here, though. My paper cutter's been good to me--I've used it to cut cardstock, fabric, multiple sheets of paper, photos and more. I like this one in particular because it's small, doesn't take up a ton of space and has different cutting wheels available for special fancy cuts! It's also got a swing-out ruler arm to help you measure as you cut.

Gettin' Made: Cut It Out
The Carl 12-inch Personal Rotary Trimmer. Image from Buy Online Now

I would also check out Purple Cows, who has a whole slew of cool-looking paper cutters that could be great options for you! I've seen its stuff in action before, and all were pretty slick.

Good luck with your cutting adventures, folks! Have a crafty question or conundrum you'd like me to answer? E-mail me at

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