Gettin' Made: (Craft) Party Down!
Image taken from Etsy's blog, featuring a photo by Bliss In A Teacup

Gettin' Made: (Craft) Party Down!

For Etsy's birthday this June 18th, the indie arts and crafts website has teamed up with the new Meetups Everywhere tool to encourage a world-wide day of making stuff! Crafty parties are already being planned all over the globe, from Seattle to London and beyond, including good ol' Orange County!

Just what is a craft party? It's an opportunity to get together with current crafty friends, as well as a chance to meet new ones. Bring whatever project you're currently working on, along with your sparkling personality, and you're good to go!

Click here to visit the Etsy Craft Party Meetup page. To find a craft party happening near you on June 18th, it's as simple as entering your zip code! Don't see one close enough to your house? Sign up to host one near you! I know it's the SoCal thing to do to not R.S.V.P. to parties, but there's incentive to break that habit - the 50 craft parties with the most RSVPs by June 7 will receive a free Craft Party kit from Etsy to help with the festivities, so if you're thinking about going to one make sure you click that you're going!

For all the details on Etsy's Craft Party day, check out their blog.


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