Gettin' Made: CHA Craft Supershow This Weekend

Friday and Saturday this week, the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Craft Supershow will descend on the Anaheim convention center for two days of workshops, make and takes, and an all around overload of heavenly crafting!

Cathie Filian and her partner in handmade crime, Steve Piacenza
Cathie Filian and her partner in handmade crime, Steve Piacenza

We caught up with the oh so crafty Cathie Filian (who co-hosts Creative Juice on the DIY network with Steve Piacenza) at last weekend's California Gift Show, and got the scoop on what excitement lies in store for Craft Supershow attendees.

After the jump, Cathie dishes on the Craft Supershow and her hot new glue gun tools.

If you're into making stuff, you will want to get to the Anaheim convention center this weekend. Exhibitors include big name companies (Plaid, Provocraft, Jo-Ann Fabrics) as well as smaller ones, and their offerings span all walks of crafty life. If you like to scrapbook, sew, paint, embellish clothes, knit... you name it, there will be something for you!

Cathie shared that lots of these booths are trying to introduce you to their products, so expect to see lots of free make and takes giving you an opportunity to sample new supplies and techniques. If you make your way to the Plaid booth (Cathie is their Mod Podge spokesperson), they'll be doing free make and takes all day - try out some Mod Podge for yourself or add some rhinestoney sparkle to one of their new fillable cupcake containers!

101 Snappy Fashions, the new book by Cathie Filian - pick up your copy at the show!
101 Snappy Fashions, the new book by Cathie Filian - pick up your copy at the show!

You'll want to stop by the Lark Books' booth, too, where you'll be able to make some fun baby onesies inspired by Cathie Filian's new book, "101 Snappy Fashions"! She'll also be siging copies of the book at the Barnes and Noble booth at 4pm on Saturday (don't quote us on that time, the definite book signing schedule is not quite up on the Supershow site).

One really exciting thing Cathie shared is a new line of glue gun tools she's been working on for over a year now. The pink and black tools from Plaid aim to take all the things that are a little rough when working with hot glue (i.e. burns, burns and more burns), and smooth everything over so you and your glue gun can be bffs again. Cathie's Hot Glue Gun Helpers include tools like a heat-resistant nonstick landing pad for your gun, tipped tweezers for applying glue to the tiniest of beads, and most exciting, finger caps. Little heat resistant non-stick caps that come in different sizes and protect your fingertips from the burns that are inevitable inevitable burns that come with using molten hot glue in your crafting. The tools aren't in stores yet, but expect to see them soon! (Until then, keep the bucket of ice for nursing your burnt fingers handy.)


For more information on the CHA Craft Supershow, visit the website. The show will be full of free make and takes, and there will be paid classes as well. A full listing of workshops is available here.

Get ready to geek out over your crafty heroes that will be making appearances at the show - check out a summary here.

Ready to buy your tickets? Use coupon code "craft14" when buying tickets online for $5 off!

Thanks so much to Cathie Filian for sharing some insight on the show and congrats on the new glue gun tools! You can learn more about her and Steve Piacenza at their website.

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