Gettin' Made: Calling All Crafty-Blogging Movie-Lovers!
Image from Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark's Pie Bird Design blog

Gettin' Made: Calling All Crafty-Blogging Movie-Lovers!

After the jump, more about the club and how to get involved.

On Mercedes' blog at Pie Bird Design, she lays out her plans for how the film club will work:

"Different bloggers volunteer to be the host(ess) for each month. This would be the equivalent of having a book group meet at your place for the monthly meet-up, but you wouldn't have to dust or vacuum. You don't need to have a blog to participate, but we do need a central location on the web each month. Plus, extra web traffic is never a bad thing, right?

The host picks two movies, preferably in some sort of theme, even if the theme is "opposites attract" with contrasting films. I think for accessibility, films should be available on Netflix streaming. Films would be announced at the beginning of the month.

We all watch the films on our own schedule during the first half of the month, and then make/write/photograph a small project inspired by the films or our reactions to them. Any medium, any size, just snap a good pic or save a file to upload. Then post those puppies on your blogs/Twitter/Facebook/etc. as you finish them, along with a blurb about your inspirations and ideas. Think short and sweet; this is supposed to be fun and a catalyst for creating, not your graduate thesis. E-mail your lovely host with a link to your piece."

That month's host would then amass the links to blog posts by that month's participants and share them along with a short review of the chosen films. Sounds fun, right? Don't miss the party train: Click here to read more about the Craft Bloggers' Film Club and sign up!


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