Get your FREE Coachella App for your iPhone [Correction]

Get your FREE Coachella App for your iPhone [Correction]

Correction: Before you read further, the video and description of the Coachella iPhone App below is NOT THE FREE ONE. This program is not affiliated with the festival. The FREE App, written by Dave Bullock has a few specific differences:

1) The official Coachella App is FREE, the program below costs money :(

2) The FREE app allows you to download photos to before and after the festival

3) The free app has a friend finder that allows you to see your friends locations on a map around the festival.

That being said, the rest of my post, the sarcasm and pathetic attempts at humor, are all genuine. And the link I posted to the actual FREE Coachella App is also correct. For further info on all things involving the FREE Coachella App can be forwarded to Dave Directly HERE!

Going to Coachella? Yeah, there's an app for that. Okay, somehow I feel that festival going just reached a new plateau this week. A couple days ago (meaning that most of you who really care about this stuff probably already have it) the Coachella 2009 iPhone App became available for download. Take a second while your boss isn't hovering over your computer screen and GO HERE for more info.

Essentially, the goal of this interesting new app (that's short for application, for all you rotary phone users out there...get with it) is to cut your pointless wandering around in the hot desert sun to a bare minimum. Tired of having to flip through one of those little schedule books they hand out to you at the festival to find a band you want to see? So challenging, i know. Well, the Coachella App allows you access to the full three-day line-up which you can then use to create your "concert agenda", so as to keep a tight schedule in between your search for concert tees, cheap bottled water and hallucinogenics. Besides that, you can also email your schedule to friends so the idiot you put in charge of all the money and drugs knows where to find you before it gets dark. Plus, the app comes with a handy dandy map of the entire venue. And to top it all off, this app works without an internet connection somehow (don't ask me, I'm useless when it comes to most of this stuff). Fortunately, thanks to You Tube, we have a reasonably smart-sounding young man after the JUMP who will show you how all of this works. Lucky you.

I have to say, as neato as all this new gadgetry is, doesn't this kinda of take a little bit of the fun out of Coachella? Obviously I'm not talking about seeing your favorite bands.  In that respect you couldn't ask for a better toy. But really, keeping yourself "on schedule" or in constant communication with people spoils all those great stories you will remember about your experience there.You know, like the time your friend ditched you for some girl in the Gobi tent and you found him sprawled out on the grass all drunk and crying. Or what about the time you were walking around like an idiot when some anonymous band snagged your ear and totally made you forget about the lame act you planned on watching on the other side of the polo field. They're your favorite band now, remember?

All I'm saying is, go ahead and download this thing because chances are you're going to use it at some point. But a sun-drenched carnival of sound, smoking hotties and great bands was never meant to be held to a time table, you know that. So I say watch the video, download the app and forget about it until you actually NEED it.


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