Martin Sorrondeguy

'GET SHOT' With Martin Sorrondeguy in SanTana This Saturday!

Martin Sorrondeguy, well known as the frontman for hardcore groups Los Crudos and Limp Wrist, is returning to SanTana this weekend. The Uruguayan-born and Chicago-raised vocalist once called the city home and is back with his new photography book GET SHOT - A Visual Diary, 1985-2012 in hand. It features more than 400 portraits of the worldwide punk culture as experienced by Sorrondeguy including those of bands like Fugazi, Peligro Social and Operation Ivy.

Select photographs from the book will leap from the pages onto the curated walls of El Centro Cultural de Mexico in downtown Santa Ana. The exhibit will be as expansive as Sorrondeguy's chronicling of the music from behind the lens over decades, across the United States and through ten countries on five continents!

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In a recent interview about GET SHOT, Sorrondeguy responded to a question about the broad inclusiveness of his visual diary saying:

"When you're documenting what you come into contact with or with what or who's around you, I guess that's what always is reflected in the body of work. So I ended up with just everybody. You have pictures of trips that I took to Japan. So that meant a lot of Japanese/Asian presence in the book. Of course, you have the Latino/Chicano presence just from touring Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, and all the Chicanos that are living here in the states. You also have a ton of white kids too though. You just have everything in the book."

For naranjeros, that includes us,

Sorrondeguy will be present for the exhibit opening and copies of his book will be available for purchase!

The 'GET SHOT - A Visual Diary 1985-2012' exhibit opens at El Centro Cultural de Mexico, 313 N. Birch Street, Santa Ana, Sat., 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Free. All ages.

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