Get A Touch of Class with These DJs

Swiss/New York DJs Oliver Stumm and Domie Clausen, known to savvy clubbers as A Touch of Class, are touring the West Coast for the first time, in support of their recent album of remixes and productions, A Touch of Class Still Sucks! (we like their healthy self-esteem). The duo will hit Avalon Saturday April 28 (located at 820 W. 19th St. in Costa Mesa).

ATOC are in high demand among a grip of rock and electronic acts looking to slinkily discofy their original songs for dancefloor oomph. Artists such as the Gossip, Le Tigre, Erasure, Scissor Sisters, and Services have benefited from ATOC's glittery, thumpin' treatments. If you're not going to Coachella, this show should be a nice consolation prize for those who want to get their lubricious, electro-house grooves on.


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