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The Minibosses down ocho Equis!
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Chris Lynch has worn a number of musical hats in his life—as DJ Oldboy, managing the Bellhaunts, working at Fingerprints, booking shows and clubs (Que Sera in Long Beach and more). But the biggest musical influence in his life might just be Koji Kondo, perhaps best known as the man who composed the original themes for the Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda video games. Lynch happily claims to have been a video-game fiend since his youngest days.

"Man, I'm such an ultra geek—you have no idea," he says. "I hum various Nintendo themes on a daily basis, just to illustrate a point! Depending on my mood, I like to hum Megaman, Punch-Out and Rygar themes."

One of his best Christmas memories involves "ripping open Christmas wrapping paper that awesomely revealed a Super Nintendo! I vividly remember bear-hugging the SNES and rolling around with it under the Christmas tree," he says. As for milestones, Lynch has these: "My most triumphant moment was when I beat the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Oh, wait . . . that didn't happen. That doesn't happen to anyone! That game is so ridiculously hard! Actually, my proudest moment was when I finally beat my older brother in Street Fighter II. He was Ken, and I was Blanka."


Geekeasy, featuring Minibosses, the Littlest Viking and Bella Novela, at Home Room, Sat., 8 p.m. $10; $7 with video-game-inspired costume. All ages.

Lynch is getting the chance to embrace his gaming love with a one-off club night [1]. Titled Geekeasy, Lynch is aiming to create a celebration of music, nightlife and the kind of late-night rush you get from playing just one more level. To sweeten the deal, door admission is discounted if you come dressed in something video-game-inspired.

Upcoming Events

"Basically, the space was bestowed upon my friend Jeanette [Tomas, who works at Proof] and her boyfriend, Kendall [McDiarmid]," Lynch says. "They both hit me up to discuss throwing an event at this spot. Even before they were finished asking me, my mind was conjuring up a Nintendo-themed show. I've done pop-up shows before. I've performed at Cal State Long Beach and UC Irvine on several occasions. But this show is new terrain, for sure. I've never compiled anything like this show, and this is the kind of event I dream about promoting."

Among the acts appearing at Geekeasy will be the Littlest Viking and Bella Novela, but Lynch is most thrilled at getting in the Minibosses to headline—and with a name like that, it's no surprise what they're all about. Based in Arizona, the "four-piece band of regulators . . . hammer out Nintendo-themed songs with absolute skill and ease," Lynch says.

"I first heard them in 2005, when my boss at this record store I worked at gave me a copy of their CD," he continues. "And, being the nerd that I am, I presented myself with the mission/challenge of booking them. I finally booked the band in 2010 at Alex's Bar in Long Beach; they actually agreed to perform at the Geekeasy show pretty quickly. I booked this show without securing a venue. I couldn't let this opportunity pass up, so I agreed on a date with the Minibosses without booking a venue! It was like the reverse of Waynestock! But everything worked out!"

Besides the music, Lynch has also arranged for some appropriately themed visuals from plenty of locals. "We have received a lot of emails from artists," he says. "Some of the locals we are showcasing are Noel Madrid, Stephen Umana, Isabelle Gioffredi, Salima Allen, Bradley Cooper and others." [2]

Lynch talks about Daft Punk's Tron Legacy soundtrack being part of the night ("I pump myself up on a daily basis by humming the Rinzler theme," he says), but Geekeasy is for a broad range of followers of pixelated glory, he says. "I wanted to throw this kind of show because I thought it would unite a broad range of people. I don't think people realize just how significant a true fellowship is. I want people to smile, to be stoked and to level up!"

And if the show is a success? "We would love to do more Geekeasy shows, of course," he says. "Jeanette and I were jokingly saying this is like the hipster LARP show. It might be true!"


This article appeared in print as "Geeks Speak: Die-hard gamer Chris Lynch throws a hipster equivalent of a gaming party in Santa Ana."

[1] The show is no longer happening in Santa Ana. It has been relocated to LA. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS CHANGE, CLICK HERE.

[2] There will not be visuals at this event other than what's already on the gallery walls. But Lynch says he plans to host game-themed art at a future Geekeasy event.

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