Gary Finneran Benefit

Gary Finneran, former lead singer of the HB-based Ex-Idols, passed away recently. I don't have all the details about his death, but I do have info on a memorial show in his honor.

The gig takes place Friday, June 5 at the 3 Clubs in Hollywood. Right now, the lineup includes Lit, Ex-Idols, Tuscarora, She Died, Motochrist, Charlie and the Valentine Killers, the Flash Express, Rodleen, Satiate, the Crazy Squeeze and Silver Needle.

Cover is $20. Profits go to Finneran's sons. Showtime is 8 p.m.

I met and played with Finneran once. My friend Alfunction called me and asked to play bass in a makeshift band with the singer. Mr. Function's friend Lauren (who sings in SiX) was having a birthday party and the Ex-Idols were one of his favorite bands. Well, the Ex-Idols weren't available because they broke up years earlier, but Al wanted to do something cool for Lauren. I had to learn four Ex-Idols songs in about a week. We didn't practice and I was pretty nervous considering how unprepared we were, but I think it went off well. At least that's what Finneran told me. We said a few words before we played and he seemed like a decent guy. I kept looking at him during the songs because he was guiding the three of us through the patchy spots. Afterwards, we spoke and he was grinning widely. He told me he had a lot of fun and that was good enough for me.


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