Yes, give us a little dance Octomom before Eric Andre (right) scares the shit out of you!
Yes, give us a little dance Octomom before Eric Andre (right) scares the shit out of you!

FYF Fest 2012: Octomom's Crazy Cameo During Eric Andre's Comedy Show

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For at least a few seconds on Saturday, FYF Fest changed its letters to WTF thanks to an appearance from OC's favorite media whore, Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom. But her attempt to come on stage during comedian Eric Andre's time slot at the Broadway St. Stage to promote her new album "Sexy Party" probably didn't work out quite the way she'd planned. Andre, who has his own show on Adult Swim, is a notorious prankster with a pension for smashing shit and performing random, disturbing gags on celebrities. Sure, we know Suleman will do just about anything for publicity (porn included), but making herself an intentional target of Andre's wrath seemed like a surprisingly stupid move, even for her.
After making her surprise entrance during Andre's comedy sketch talk show skit (think Da Ali G Show meets-Chappelle's Show with an extra dose of crazy), Andre began asking Suleman a battery of random questions that eventually led to one about her new album before he queued the sound guy to play the title track for the audience. Stunned at what they were seeing as they walked past the stage, onlookers stopped in their tracks to watch this train wreck unfold. Suleman, looking botoxed and scrumptious as ever, got up to dance as her nasally voice slathered with Auto-Tune rained over the crowd. Ah, just another TMZ moment and a chance to make an easy headline for showing up at an L.A. hipster festival. That is, until Andre surprised her by cutting the music and unleashing comedic hellfire upon her.

Fans of Andre's show know that when he yells "This is the half time part of the show!!!," that means something's about to get smashed. Without warning, Andre took a bat and began smashing his talk show desk to pieces in front of Suleman, took off his pants to reveal a dangling Chippendales thong and proceeded to pour a gallon jug of milk all over himself. Judging by Suleman's frightened face, we're pretty sure she popped out another kid right on the spot before running off the stage like a frightened deer. Andre, who talked to us briefly after the skit, says Octomom had no idea what he'd planned to do.

"Yeah, it was pretty easy to get her on the show, but we didn't tell her about the halftime part, obviously she would've freaked out about that," Andre says. "I was pretty nervous right before, but I knew it was gonna be funny," Andre says. After the show, no one in Andre's camp made contact with Suleman, apologized or at least thanked her for being such an easy target. At any rate, we'd like to thank Andre for putting the "Fuck Yeah" into the comedy portion of the first day's festivities. Can't wait until a crowd video of this starts making the rounds on YouTube.

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