Funny band name(s) of the day

Just got the monthly calendar for DiPiazza's and found two pretty funny band names that I think are worth passing along.


The first is the Jimi Homeless Experience. No, it's not cool to make fun of the less fortunate (unless we're talking Celtics fans), but it's a silly play on words that I find amusing. The band performs June 5.


The next name is He's Not Gay! I was going to go on and on about how much I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they came up with that doozy of a moniker. Granted, I've been in some bands with terrible names (the Young Youth? What were we thinking?), but one glance at their myspace page gives me what I assume is the answer. You see, He's Not Gay! is comprised of three girls and a guy. I'm no brainiac, but I'm guessing the members are trying to tell the world that the lone male is not gay. Which is great for him cuz he can get all the chicks (note to self: start band with lots of female members). But I could be wrong. The group plays June 13. 


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