Chris Martin can get it.
Chris Martin can get it.
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Funniest Tweets From the 2015 American Music Awards

The 43rd Annual American Music Awards was "live" from L.A. (don't get us started) and hosted by Jennifer Lopez aka J. Lo aka Jenny from the block aka I kept changing my outfit and they were all, meh. After last year's show, we made it a rule to never tune in again but as we all know, rules get broken. And plus we heard we weren't going to have to endure dancing Taylor Swift audience shots because she wasn't going to be there.

This year showcased quite a line-up that included Justin Bieber legit "making it rain," a duet by Demi Lovato and Alanis Morissette (kids, she was cool in 1990's), a tribute to Paris by Celine Dion (kids, she was cool in the 1990's), Selena Gomez "allegedly" lip-syncing her little heart out, Prince's third eye, and Coldplay with some dancing monkeys. Rather, gorillas. (endorsement)

So while the teens were up in arms over Nicki Minaj winning over J. Cole and throwing the word "slay" and fire emojis all over the interwebs, we were vetting Twitter to bring you some of the funniest tweets that made us laugh while scowling at this year's AMA's.

Funniest Tweets From the 2015 American Music Awards

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