"Fuck the _______," says Andy Kindler

"Fuck the _______," says Andy Kindler

Last Comic Standing judge Andy Kindler might consider himself an anomaly, but you can consider him hilarious. From cameos on David Letterman to writing the "Hacker's Handbook," to almost having a career in music, Andy Kindler is a complex breed of funny man. Get a taste of how amusing he really is after the jump, then check out the season finale of Last Comic Standing.
OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Is it true that before you became a comedian you were actually trying to be a musician?
Andy Kindler: I really was a musician but I wasn't paid well for it! I was a singer, song writer, and guitarist and I was actually a violinist before I was a comedian. I still play guitar and write.

Why hasn't that led to any parody songs? I like to change every "you" to "Jew" since I am also Jewish, I can get away with it.
That could lead to endless hours of entertainment! If you're at a Klan rally that could be really funny! Or maybe if you're at Mel Gibson's house he'll turn every "you" into "Jew." Then you might ask yourself, "Why am I at Mel Gibson's house?"

While we're on the topic, what's your take on good ol' Mel?
You know whether he was extorted or whatever; it's the fact that somebody who is upset has to turn racist. When I'm upset I don't launch into racial anger. Where are my keys? Damn the Jews!!!

I heard the judges will be doing stand-up on the Last Comic Standing finale.
Yes! And I'm already nervous! I get nervous before everything. Matter of fact, this interview is making me nervous.

Is it?
Nawwww. Not too much. Whenever it's up to me to try to be funny then it's like, it's my turn. Uhh ohh.

Don't worry; the only question I have left is what are five songs that you wish you were cool enough to have written? And I'm not trying to say you're not cool.
Well that's a given! I hope you don't want me to sing any of these. Every time I start to sing people get upset and they start yelling at me. Who needs it? I really love all kinds of music like The Bangles, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads and The Roots.

One of my favorites of all time is called, "Artesia" by Chris Gaffney. He's originally from Orange County.

I also really like Brett Dennen. His Hope for the Hopeless album is amazing.

"In My Room" by Brian Wilson is a great one.

"And Your Bird Can Sing" by The Beatles I love.

I really wish I was cool enough to write "Chasing Pavements" by Adele.

Great list. I lied--I actually have one more question, sorry! It's a fill-in the blank if you want to hit that up. I am a _______ who ______'s for a _______.
Oh yeah! Who doesn't like a good fill in the blank? I am a man who shimmys for a dollar.

Check out andykindler.com and iTunes to buy his hysterical comedy DVD's and to learn more about Andy. Tune into the Last Comic Standing Mondays on NBC at 9 p.m. And if you want more of Andy Kindler request they book him in O.C. sooner rather than later!


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