Free Ticket Tuesday Wednesday: The Starting Line at the Glass House

Free Ticket Tuesday Wednesday: The Starting Line at the Glass House

Regardless of genre, there's always that one band that manages to bring out the screaming teenage girl in all of us (that goes for you too, guys). For most music fans, one of the defining factors of the last five years has to be the reunion or resurgence of bands from the late 90s and early 00s who have wheedled their way into our brain's nostalgia file. Enter: The Starting Line. As one of pop punk's most adorable, well-coiffed East Coast acts, the Pennsylvania outfit gave us hum-along melodies and post-break up anthems for days.
 "The Best of Me"? Anyone remember that shit?

Anyways, since reuniting in 2009 after a brief hiatus, the band continues to fly their pop punk flag and this weekend, they're spending two back-to-back nights at the Glass House in Pomona. We happen to have some complimentary tickets to give away for Night 1 on Friday. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their break out record "Say It Like You Mean It," the band will play the album in it's entirety. You interested? Yeah you are. Follow us after the jump.

We've got THREE pairs of tickets to give away for Friday's show at the Glass House. All you have to do for your shot to win a pair of them is leave us a message on

Heard Mentality's

Twitter (


) and/or


with your name and email address! Winners will be notified on Friday morning. Your name and tickets will be held at will call.

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