Free Ticket Tuesday Wednesday: Moving Units at the Glass House

Free Ticket Tuesday Wednesday: Moving Units at the Glass House

We can't tell you how nice it is with all this Mayan calendar talk to hear about one of the first great shows to happen AFTER Dec. 21. And seriously, we can't think of a more appropriate band to help us move on from all this apocalyptic prognosticating than Moving Units. Few things cut through bullshit like angular, sharp, modern rock and in that regard the L.A. band shepherded by Blake Miller is one of the finest in the game. A decade into the band's existence, the band is hot on the heals of their latest EP offering Tension War. It's the first we've heard from M > U in a while--of course we've pretty much been bumping Hexes For Exes without complaint since 2007.

This Saturday, they're ringing in the Winter Solstice at the Glass House with an under card of equally moody and bewitching openers including Magic Wands and Slipping Into Darkness. Those interested in entertaining the idea that there will actually be a Saturday will probably be looking for something awesome to do. And since we're offering you a free pair of tickets to do go see these guys, you can count this as the second luckiest thing that happened to you this week...aside from not being totally obliterated. Find out how to win a free pair of tickets to see Moving Units after the jump.

We've got ONE pair of tickets to give away for Saturday's show at the Glass House. All you have to do for your shot to win a pair of them is leave us a message on

Heard Mentality's

Twitter (


) and/or


with your name and email address! Hurry up, the show is tomorrow so you have to act fast. Winners will be notified on Friday morning (that should be a fun way to start the day, right?) . Your name and tickets will be held at will call.

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