Free Ticket Tuesday: Tomorrow's Tulips

Free Ticket Tuesday: Tomorrow's Tulips

Tomorrows Tulips--made up of Japanese Motors' Alex Knost and his girlfriend Christina Keys--is debuting its hazy brand of garage rock in a full length album called Eternally Teenage. Out July 19, we are giving away a vinyl copy or the album--plus two tickets to their show at the Prospector in Long Beach. Find out how to win after the jump.

Just follow OC Weekly's music blog, Heard Mentality, on Twitter @ocweeklymusic and like us on Facebook! Once  you follow us, tweet at us with your real name and e-mail address, and tell us why you want to go to to the show. Best answer wins!

Tomorrows Tulips - "Casual Hopelessness" from jack Coleman on Vimeo.

The band is also performing at the following venues this week.

  • July 14 @ CLUB Pacific / The Del Monte Speakeasy (Townhouse
    Basement) in Venice with L.S. David & Farmer Dave, The Mullosk
    Sound Crew
  • July 16 @ BURGER RECORDS in Fullerton (Day show 4pm)
  • July 17 @ RVCA STORE in L.A. with BLEACHED (ex Mika Miko) and
    Dirt Dress (Day Show 4 pm)
  • july 17 @ The Prospector in Long Beach with Dirt Dress, Allah
    Las, Black Sea (Night Show)


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