Free Ticket Tuesday: Stryper at House of Blues

In the canon of '80s hair bands, few were able to do more for God's glam rock image than Stryper. While bands like Poison and Warrant were pumping out pretty boy metal for the sole purpose of making women drop to their knees for less-than-Christian activities, the Orange County four-piece used their blistering riffs and flowing manes to serve the Lord.

By 1986, their successful fourth effort, To Hell With the Devil, took a rock formula that most people would've never put faith in and turned it into a platinum-selling record. Rising to the top with tracks like "Calling On You" and "Honestly," the band looked and shredded like any other comically over-indulgent, spandex-wearing glam rock troupe ruling the charts at the time; the only difference was that Christians were actually allowed to like them. Despite a break-up in 1990, the band reformed in the mid-2000s and has since hit the road for several tours and recorded a handful of albums. 

Stryper fans can definitely rejoice this week as the band bring their show (and probably their black and gold unitards) back to SoCal on Friday, June 22, at the House of Blues Los Angeles. We have FIVE pairs of tickets to give away (we know, SEVEN would've been a holier number...we apologize).

All you have to do to win tickets is 1) "Like" or retweet this post, and 2) leave us a message on Heard Mentality's Twitter (@ocweeklymusic) and/or Facebook with your name and email address!

You must be 18 or older to win tickets. Winners will be notified on Thursday and tickets will be held at will call.

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