Free Shit: Tix to 'Laser Spectacular Tribute to Michael Jackson'

I have only been to one laser show. The venue played, you guessed it, Pink Floyd. My friends and I were teenagers. There were lights. Blinking. Dancing. Swirling. Showing us the path to God's Great Vision. We were mesmerized -- and totally twisted. 

Shrooms and MJ? I dunno. Might be mind-blowing. Might just blow. The event promises visuals. Watching the "Thriller" with a head full of hallucinations could be fun, right? Anyway, click here to try and win a pair of tix and if you do experience the event in an altered state, please, drop a comment and let us know just how it was watching the King of Pop come back to life, sit right down next to you and whisper, "It's all going to be OK." 

UPDATED: To win free tix click here.


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