Free Download: LMNO + Kev Brown, 'Ya Know'

Free Download: LMNO + Kev Brown, 'Ya Know'

So it appears that Long Beach rapper 


 won't stop until he's officially recorded himself to death.

Aside from his insane goal of putting out 10 albums this year--we've already reviewed three--he's also got a new collaborative project with prolific production powerhouse 

Kev Brown

. So as not to confuse anyone, they prefer to just release their material under the name 

LMNO & Kev Brown


 As a follow-up to their last head-turning collaboration, the 2008 full-length Selective Hearing, the aptly titled Selective Hearing Part 2 features a grip of flavorful retro-inspired beats over the shared lyrical skills of these two revered MCs. The album officially drops on May 11 on Up Above Records. Yesterday they made their lead single, "Ya Know," available for download. We gladly helped ourselves to it and now you can too. If you're a James Brown fan, this shit will make your day. You can download it here and preview the song below. Enjoy.

LMNO+and+Kev+Brown-Ya+Know by user52708


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