Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Sally Kellerman, 'Sally'

Of course, one of the perks of writing about music is getting albums before anyone else. You know, that unique sense of smug self-satisfaction that comes from getting promo CDs weeks before the rest of the world. (Sure, albums being routinely leaked online early has tempered the novelty of this, but it's still something.)

Not that it's always something worth getting excited about. Or, uh, often. Take today, for example: Did I get the new Franz Ferdinand a week early? Bruce Springsteen? Nope. Instead I got the new SALLY KELLERMAN! Yes, the same Sally Kellerman from the film version of MASH. Why, it's not due to be released until Feb. 10! Be jealous.

Turns out that Kellerman has been singing for a while, even doing so back in the 1973 film Lost Horizon (thanks, Wikipedia!). The album itself is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from an album of jazz-ish ballad-y covers ("Love Potion #9"! "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing!") from a 71-year-old actress.

Things get a little more dubious when reading the accompanying press release; apparently, Kellerman has "one of the most recognizable voices in the world." I've never really thought to put her up there with James Earl Jones and Tom Waits, but, uh, OK, sure. The next paragraph reads:

On her most recent CD "Sally," set to be in February of 2009

How zen! The album is also, apparently, "as richly layered and provocative as Sally herself." Seeing as how the title of the album is actually "Sally," there's an interesting logical paradox going on there.

The most fun, though, is probably the photo on the back of the album--Kellerman sitting in a fancy chair in the middle of...the woods, I guess, with sassy frilly jeans and a very risque off-one-shoulder blouse. Who could resist?

Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Sally Kellerman, 'Sally'


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