Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Pizza Box Publicity!

Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Pizza Box Publicity!

Yep, that's a pizza box. And it's on my desk. There's no pizza in it. Normally, that would be pretty disappointing, but I'm OK with it.

There's definitely something impressive about the creativity on display here--had it just been a normal email, fax or snail mailed press release, it very well could have been ignored. But I definitely didn't ignore this missive, given that it was in a real, used pizza box. The grease stains are the proof. Finally, "Free Crap" that we can legitimately call "crap"!

It's promoting "Battlestar Abstractica," an exhibit on display at the Nomadic Image Gallery (located in the basement of the Santora building in downtown Santa Ana). It's a photographic event "inspired by abstract, surreal, fantasy, geometric and sci-fi themes," which sounds perfectly neat. I'll check it out.

Plus, they're having a lot of fun with the theme, with a note inside saying "interstellar food safety regulations prohibit the delivery of pizza through the mail." (But not lingering pizza smells, clearly.) There's also a lot of perseverance on display here: the box was originally mailed to our old offices in Santa Ana, returned, and then hand-delivered to our new offices today. So who knows how old those grease stains are! (Let's not think too long to about that.)


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