Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Epic Overuse of the Word 'Epic'

People are saying "epic" a lot these days. Way too much. And not just in reference to the Faith No More song or ancient longform poems like Beowulf, for pretty much anything. A sandwich can be epic, or an episode of "The New Adventures of Old Christine." It's a real problem, one that probably started with the "epic fail" Internet meme, and now its unfortunately seeped its way into music, infiltrating the already sticky territory of genre classification:

Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Epic Overuse of the Word 'Epic'

I've long been weary of the perils of naming genres, because I hate overly wordy, ultimately meaningless distinctions like "acoustic-breakbeat-folktronica." But these are a special kind of silly. Epic folk metal? Could that possibly mean anything to anyone? "You know, I've never been all that into folk metal. But epic folk metal? Now you're talking!" "Epic doom metal" is even more amusing, of course, especially since most metal sounds plenty doom-y in the first place. Wacky.

The CDs, by the way are Silent Ruins by Isole (the epic doom metal) and As the Path Unfolds... by Crimfall (epic folk metal).

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