Frank Agnew

Photo by Jeanne Rice> Mirainga, Nueva. "Brilliant salsa-punk, if that makes any sense. They have the whole groove going on without being phony. A very rare breed of talented punks."

> 22 Jacks, Going North. "Great songs. Steve Soto's vocal on 'The Eleventh Hour' rules."

> All the Madmen, Twinstar Radio. "Great singer."

> Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication. "So glad that John Frusciante is back."

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> Smash Mouth, Astro Lounge. "It's so nice to hear melody again. 'All Star' is a deserved hit."

> Lenny Kravitz, 5. "A great reminder of why I picked up the guitar in the first place."

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